Training an Attorney May Have When Taking on DWI Cases

People often assume one attorney is as good as another. Although all are trained in the basics of the law, most individuals in the industry take cases in select areas. For example, a probate attorney often won’t take on family law cases. However, most attorneys seem to be under the impression they can handle a DWI case. Don’t make the mistake of hiring one of these individuals. You need a DWI Lawyer who regularly handles these cases and will aggressively defend you. When hiring this attorney, ask if he or she has any of the following training also.

Blood Testing Training

Often, a DWI conviction comes about as the result of a blood test. There are times, however, when blood tests are wrong and an attorney who has taken part in a four day Blood and Urine Seminar that is very intensive will be able to spot these times. Very few attorneys take part in this seminar and complete the exam that concludes the four day event. Try to find one of these attorneys, as they know how to challenge blood test results in a court of law.

Breathalyzer Testing

Breathalyzers can and do make mistakes. The mistake may be on the part of the machine or the part of the operator. Either way, if the machine is wrong, the whole DWI case may collapse. Keep this in mind and choose an attorney who is trained in the use of this device, as he or she will know what to look for when it comes to this test.

Field Sobriety Testing

Law enforcement officers often ask individuals to carry out certain tasks when they are pulled over for suspicion of DWI. These tests may seem fairly basic, but the officers undergo training to ensure they are properly carried out. Most people don’t realize that and never stop to think why the same tests are used again and again. Any mistake during the field sobriety test, however, puts the DWI charge in question, so find an attorney who has taken part in this training also.

A conviction for DWI has far reaching consequences. To minimize the consequences or avoid them completely, a person needs an attorney experienced in handling these cases. Search for an attorney who has undergone additional training when making this selection. Doing so can be of great help when the case goes to trial.

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